Our Story


I breathed in fashion while walking the streets of Paris, the world capital of haute couture and creation. I also touched it, caressed fashion literally and figuratively, I remember, in that fabric shop where I went every Friday to feed my creative imaginings. This all probably stemmed from the influence of my mother, whom I’d watched express her own talents as a seamstress through a patchwork of fabrics scattered in her workshop.

As a child, my passion for fashion occupied most of my free time. I spent my weekends designing and creating my first clothes. It was always more than a hobby. But it was all about having fun. I liked to put together these big patterns, these flashy colours - what was popular at the time. My creations expressed the carefree freshness that women should be able to enjoy in their wardrobe every day. This is what I wanted to keep by creating, a few years later, my own Virjny Mina brand.


Originally from Paris, I am a child of the ‘90s. That decade shook the world of fashion and inspired my initial aesthetic approach to clothing. Virjny Mina originally was the result of this period, the quintessence of the nineties, whose emergence is once again seen in exceptional new releases of cult pieces from brands such as Levi's, Chevigon and Tommy Hilfiger. A strong comeback of the style is still being worn by muses such as Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez.

The nineties were the girly-pop-rock years shaped by our favourite series such as Friends or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which highlighted sportswear fashion. ‘90s fashion was full of freshness, freedom and colours. An entire denim look where you can display yourself nonchalantly. The logos are big. The shoes are flashy. We have scrunchies in our hair for a relaxed pop style... Today, women love these vintage creations that remind them of their teen dressing room. Virjny Mina does too. We use the 90s and other eras to inspire our collection for versatile, flattering cuts modern women will love..


To bring the haute couture feel to my brand, I wanted to make sportswear something trendy and elegant. So I created my own collection, very inspired by Tahiti and all its beauty - as this is where I now live. From the bright blue of the lagoons to the intense green of the mountains, I am surrounded by flamboyant colours. My collection is based on this tropical environment, but also on my Polynesian encounters and artistic influences, in particular architecture.

My creativity is deeply stimulated and is now available to you. Virjny Mina collections are there to meet your desires by adopting the latest trends, while adding a touch of sensuality, allowing every woman to shine when wearing high quality, modern and elegant clothing.

Virjny Mina is a timeless fashion. My creations can be worn according to the moment, according to the matching parts and accessories that you choose to create couture looks that are completely yours. Virjny Mina clothes have the advantage of mixing with different items, giving them a versatile and modern edge enjoyed by women all over New Zealand.

With love,


Founder of Virjny Mina