Explore our 3D Design functionality, focusing on being an eco-focused, no-waste and future-proofed way to engage with fashion.

Virjny Mina takes inspiration from Paris Fashion catwalks and brings you exclusive prints to stand apart from the crowd. Made with the most quality, durable fabrics, chosen best to suit you. Our pieces are designed to suit whatever environment or occasion you desire, from beachwear to activewear, daywear to nightwear. The first collection takes its print originality from Tahiti, French Polynesia.  Known for its vibrant colours, Virjny Mina lets you feel beautiful, confident and stylish no matter the season. 

3D Design for an Eco-Conscious Approach to Fashion

Little do many people know, the process that goes into designing clothing is lengthy, time-consuming - and material expensive. Sketches have to be made first, then the first paper and fabric mockup templates pinned against mannequins - each and every time the design is altered. This could be hundreds of times. That’s a lot of material and paper that ends up in the bin. Virjny Mina is proud to utilise 3D Design tools to map out, design and realise designs without the use of wasteful material. The use of 3D Design is the way of fashion’s future and is an elegant solution to remaining unabashedly creative while doing our part for the environment, which the fashion industry has done a lot of damage to in the past with its use of textiles in designing and the trend of cheap, fast, and disposable fashion.